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SuccessForYourSongs.com is a website and newsletter dedicated to providing valuable knowledge to songwriters of all skill levels.


Our goal is to provide tools, techniques and theory that will give any songwriter the capability to write, record and perform songs that will easily resonate with their listeners.  It’s our mission to organize a community where thousands of songwriters can come together to help each another succeed in pursuing their passions.


Songwriters evoke emotion in their listeners through their music. They give us thoughts and stories to reflect upon in their lyrics. And more subtly, they provide the background music for our everyday lives. If not for the contribution and passion of songwriters, life would be silent.


So join us on this adventurous journey to achieve the music success you’ve been dreaming about since the first time you smelled the fresh wood of your brand new acoustic guitar, or trickled your fingers down the glossy, white keys of your grandmother’s piano.


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